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Lil' Red's Boiled Peanuts

Smoked Bell Pepper Peanut Dip (2-Pack)

Smoked Bell Pepper Peanut Dip (2-Pack)

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Our Smoked Bell Pepper is where it all started. The delicious dip is made from boiled peanuts, fire roasted red bell peppers, garlic, lemon juice and other natural ingredients. It's the perfect balance of smoke and tang.

The Smoked Bell Pepper Dip goes great with carrots, pretzels, and pork rinds. It makes a delicious spread on BLT, ham and cheese sandwiches. Add shredded cheddar  cheese to make a delicious pimento sandwich. 

Compare with your favorite dip or hummus. Our peanut dip is gluten free and dairy free with no added sugars or preservatives. It is a perfect addition to a keto or vegan diet.

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Traditional Salted

Our traditional Salted boiled peanuts are three simple ingredients. Sea salt, Texas peanuts and purified water.